A couple pins and .01" oor I have been very fortunate to acquire a set of all of the very rare Alley Halloween line marbles. Up until I got my set, only a few were known and confirmed. The late Bill McCaleb was the one who originally named these Halloween. At the time, the "Hallowe'en" line consisted of The Alley Skeleton seen here (name inspired by Paula, a friend of Chuck Sumner) the pure red or orange "Halloween", and the rarer version with both orange and white named "Candy Corn" by Ron Shepherd The newest type discovered has the Tan base with red and black. I was the first one to have these ones in hand and immediately contacted the late and great Ron Sheppard. He had never seen them before and confirmed that they were in fact part of the Hallowe'en line. Although no one owns the "right" to name a marble, some of the fortunate ones get to do so because they were the ones the either found it, or dug it, or point blank are at the top of the marble food chain and say it is so. My story lies here and I will take it to my grave. Stephen Bahr also shared my delight upon the discovery of this New Alley and we thought I should name it before anyone else did. And so I did. The last two pictures show my Hallowe'en line collection as well as my discovery of the newest Halloween marble I named "Phoenix Fire". Now, I don't have this right to name anything any more than anyone else does, but shortly thereafter, someone else got this type in hand, a few of the higher up alley collectors got together and named it "Bloody Halloween" out of respect to the original line named by Bill McCaleb. It is a fine name, and very fitting. But to me, and many others who shared my original discovery and delight, it shall always be the "Phoenix Fire" to us in spirit. Due to their rarity, and of course how I came about them, I will never sell one of my original three, but if I found any more (and they ARE out there) I would happily share 😊 Now, onto the Skeletons.. A brief story and description as well here. There are many similar marbles to the specific Alley Skeleton, both Alley and CAC. Some Jackson swirls can also come very close. I studied them intensively and went nuts for awhile buying up every black and white Swirl marble I could find in hopes to get a few more. Unless the pictures are of high quality and magnified properly, it is near impossible to tell a Skeleton apart from it's similar counterparts. First, a Skeleton is completely opaque (translucent base black and white are predominantly Jacksons) Now, that is not to say that you won't see some of the white ribbon dip under, making it appear slightly purple and see a tiny glimmer of translucency there, (in fact, you should see this) but the marble will not backlight translucent. The next defining feature is that the white swirls will glow Green UV. Unfortunately this doesn't seal the deal either as I have both CAC and other translucent base black and white that glow uv. So the final feature is the one that usually seals the deal if you are lucky to have one with it.. And that is the addition of some very faint but silvery looking lines through the black. After having hundreds of black and white swirls in my hands to fully complete my investigation, I am now at rest with my studies and can identify and separate them with full expertise.

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