Sought after as one of the "Trifecta" of Green, Blue and Red Ravens - the Red, being the most difficult to acquire. Namely because it is sold widely with an incorrect label and can be difficult to purchase from the right knowledgeable source. Akin to the Alley Strawberry Shortcake I also have listed, the description is somewhat similar with regard to the white and beige swirls surrounding a more translucent red swirl There is a similar swirl which is commonly confused with this one and that is the Heaton Red Rose. There is no mistaking that this swirl here is vastly different, however, there are some examples that can be more similar to one another. She's a fine beauty here with very deep colours and intricate design. Small but mighty - .54:"/.53" Virtually mint condition with just two sparkles and 2 pins found under high magnification.

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