Exceptionally Rare piece, a TRUE Sheathed Latticino core swirl with jelly sheath fully raised above and encompassing the Latticino in whole. Many pseudo Sheathed types either slightly Coat the exterior, or are mixed in with the Latticino threads. Would be wet mint if not for the asmade glass irregularities. A slight crease near the pontil and some debris mist near basal pontil. Sold privately in a conjunction deal with a few others to a good friend, so the actual retail value of this one might be a bit more, however, this was the deal price we settled on. I do know that this one potentially has a much higher value. If it did not have the asmade glass irregularity, the realized price would have been closer to $500. But again with the combined purchases, this baseline price for sale was acceptable and it has a very happy new home with a good friend of mine.

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