Absolutely gorgeous butterscotch with more of a red hue to it. Shiny smooth and clean surface. One small flake. Due to the soft glass, it is quite difficult to tell if that impression on the side is asmade or a dink. I have seen several of these types with these same kinds of asmades, however, my Inspection is inconclusive. Im leaning towards it being a small dink. There are two other soft flat impression marks at the pole. Those i believe almost certainly to be asmade The other factor here is the colour you will see in Hand. These are quite difficult to get the correct colour to show with the lighting I use. I took some daylight photos as well but those don't come across well either. The colour is more accurate, but the beauty isn't. Lol. All of the nuances are lost with the depth of the colour variants. The base is a caramel colour and on top, the strands are more of a red colour with one black and one white strand on opposing sides. You will be more than impressed when you see it in hand as the pictures just don't do it justice.

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