So, a little story behind this one.... I never have had a Heaton Turtle in my hands. I didn't get any in my large dug batch. Somewhere along the way I forgot about it and that I needed to get one. The pictures I saw of Heaton turtles had both translucent green AND translucent brown.. so this one didn't even cross my mind to be a Heaton and I labelled it as an Alley and popped it up on ebay. Well, wouldn't you know, one of my Heaton Customers scooped it up and said "This is a Turtle!!" Lo, and behold, it is indeed a Turtle, and a premium one at that with an almost opaque brown on top of the green. I still don't have one and now just sold my only one... LMAO. Congrats my friend, you know who you are. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have clued it myself, so now I will be on the hunt for another. The purchase price on eBay was $40, but if I had known this was a Turtle and a premium wet mint one, I probably wouldn't have let it go for less than $60, but that's the way the turtle tips! hahaha. Marbles are a never ending learning process, just when you think you have something down, something new pops up you never saw before or thought of before. Enjoy the journey my friends. I love this ride : ) Alyssa

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